Tips For Preparing Dehydrated Meals

Mountain House Backpacking Food

Companies like Mountain House make great dehydrated meals. Yes, I said great. Some folks may have had bad experiences or perhaps recall their days in the service eating MRE’s. Well, dehydrated meals don’t have to be bad. Serious. Add a little extra water than called for. An ounce or two is all. Especially for meals …

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Hey, I’d Eat This At Home! Michael Gray’s Outdoor Cookbook

Chef Michael Gray

Hey, I’d Eat This At Home! When it comes to backcountry cooking and eating well, Michael Gray is the acknowledged expert chef. Dubbed the Eric Clapton of backcountry cooking, Michael is the owner and chief guide at Uncommon Adventures and author of Hey, I’d Eat This At Home!  While most people who venture into the backcountry for a …

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