Electricity Options for Van Campers

Electric Options for Van Campers

Learn about electricity options for van campers for part-time and full-time van life explained in simple, easy to understand terms. When traveling or camping in your minivan, you will almost certainly need some sort of electricity supply. Cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, are the most common items that need power.  Or perhaps you have more …

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The Best Minivan Camper Toilet Options

Bathroom options for minivan campers

Peeing on the Go! Guys have it much easier than the ladies do. Pee bottles or portable urinals can offer a bit of discretion when relieving oneself. These are useful for late night trips to the bathroom. Often you can find household containers such as orange juice bottles that can be re-used for this purpose. …

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A Easy and Simple Honda Odyssey Camper Van Conversion

Honda Odyssey Camper Van Conversion

Minivan Camper Conversion This is the story of how I built a Honda Odyssey camper van conversion. For some time now, I’ve wanted to travel out west. However, I also wanted something for long-weekend trips. For this, I wanted a vehicle that would allow me to sleep inside, carry a variety of cargo, outdoor equipment, …

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