The Grand Traverse Commons Set to Expand by 40 Acres

The Michigan DNR has agreed to convey 40 acres to Garfield Township. This lands adjoins the Grand Traverse Commons and will allow for official expansion of the trail system as the trails on the DNR land are already in use but are not sanctioned by the DNR. Garfield Township plans to integrate the land into the existing GT Commons planning and management. The Grand Traverse Commons is already one of Traverse City’s greatest places to hike and mountain bike. This will increase the Commons by nearly 30 percent. The conveyance will become official in January 2017.

This is great news since Garfield Township plans to recruit the IMBA and local riders to assist in planning and building new trails in order to promote sustainability. Additional single-track, freeride trails, and a skills park with dirt jumps are part of Garfield Township’s proposal described in their application to the DNR

Here’s a glimpse of the area. The video is from the Conquer The Village Mountain Bike race held in the Commons.


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