Castelli Lightness 2 Glove Review

The Castelli Lightness 2 Glove is ideal for those transitional days when you need a Goldilocks solution-It's just right!

The Castelli Lightness 2 glove is a lightweight glove intended for those days when winter gloves are too warm and half-finger gloves are too cold. I live and ride in Northern Michigan, so this glove is indispensable as seasonal conditions and weather are quick to change. Even in June, we may occasionally see daytime highs only in the 50's (Fahrenheit that is). The same is true for September and October. That said, this is not a winter glove.


The first thing you'll notice is how light the gloves are. Castelli claims a weight of only 50 grams. These make for an ideal glove to carry in your jersey pocket for days when you're not sure what to wear or for times when alpine climbs are involved, and you want a little something extra for long chilly descents.

Warmth, Comfort, Breathability

Castelli recommends this glove for the temperature range of 12°-19°C / 54°-66°F. From my experience this does seem about right, and I tend to dress a bit warmer than average. My first impression was that the glove wouldn't be warm enough for my 50-degree blustery ride. But as experienced riders know, being slightly cool at the beginning of the ride is where you really want to be. After about three miles my hands were cozy. The rest of the ride they felt fine, never too warm, not too cold.

The glove is constructed from Thermoflex brushed fleece. This provides for a nice stretchy fit that's warm and breathable. The material has optimal breathability perfect for transitional seasons. This makes the Castelli Lightness an ideal choice of gloves for changeable weather.


Padding appears minimal but so far has been adequate in a good way. Castelli's own description is “Castelli Damping System (CDS) for comfort and control in all conditions” Castelli doesn't say exactly what this CDS is but there is a polygon-ish padded patch near the base of the palm.

The only vague explanation that I found was on the back of the packaging. Castelli shows a graphic that suggests that the padded patch distributes pressure across the palm, providing protection to the nerves in order to reduce numbness.

No matter, you want padding to be strategically placed to protect the nerves of your hands to prevent numbness. Whatever CDS is, it seems to be working well for me and I tend to be rather sensitive/fussy about gloves. So far the Castelli Lightness 2 Glove has been a great choice for road or gravel riding.

Quality and Construction

Stitching on the Lightness glove is impeccable. No loose ends, no missed or sloppy stitching. Typical Castelli quality.

The high-stretch cuff is generous in length without being too long. It tucks easily under a sleeve without fuss. The cuff also features a subtle tab to help pull the glove on. The glove fit snugly but never intrusive and putting them on and taking them off was easy.

The contoured palm features a silicone print that provides an excellent grip. Silicone grippers are also present on the index and middle fingers. This makes for optimal grip as well as confident braking and shifting. You'll appreciate them on bumpy surfaces or mountain descents.

Size and Fit

The fit seems to run true to size. At first, I was concerned that the glove was a bit small but while riding it felt perfect.


The Castelli Lightness 2 glove is an excellent product and a great choice for anyone looking for a glove with excellent breathability and for a limited temperature range. It is a versatile cool-weather glove that is ideal for spring conditions or those chilly autumn rides. These would be a great addition for rounding out your cycling wardrobe preparing you for any weather condition. Quality is top notch, and the price is reasonable.

Castelli clothing has been a staple of mine for nearly 40 years. I've used their shorts, bibs, jerseys and jackets for road bikes, track racing, mountain bikes, and gravel bikes. Their quality and innovation has made Castelli a leader in bike clothes. No wonder Castelli has been a favorite of road cyclists.

Where to buy the Castelli Lightness 2 Glove

Disclosure: The author purchased this product with his own funds. No compensation from the manufacturer or distributor was received.

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