Solitude Sports is where you will find real world reports and gear reviews of quiet sports like bicycling, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, cross country skiing and more.


About Neal


Bicycling has been a major part of my life. I raced road, criterium, and track at the Category Two level. I was honored to have been invited and to have raced in the 1980 Olympic road and time trials. Was invited to join the Schwinn Wolverine Elite team. I “officially” retired from racing after a near fatal hit and run accident. A few years later I took up mountain biking and of course, mountain bike racing.

I’m a twenty some year cycling industry veteran having managed several stores and owned two of my own. I’ve been a race and tour promoter, club officer, USCF cycling coach.


Sea Kayaking is a sport I enjoy as a non-competitive outlet. My wife and I have been exploring the Great Lakes for nearly 15 years now. We’ve done multi-day excursions on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron. I also enjoy padding rivers along with doing multi-day kayak camping trips.

Winter Sports

Nordic or Cross-Country skiing is my winter sport that is a natural fit for cycling. Living in Northern Michigan, we almost always have good snow and are blessed with an extensive amount of groomed and ungroomed trails. Snowshoes are part of my winter routine as well.


My interest in backpacking and hiking go back to my childhood when I was in the Boy Scouts. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of backpacking, camping, and exploring much of the United States and look forward to even more adventures.

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