Upcoming 2020 Michigan Kayak Symposiums

Symposiums are a great way to learn kayaking skills. Taught by experienced paddlers, typically, ACA or BCU certified coaches; one can learn an incredible amount of useful information in a fun, safe, hands-on environment. 31st Annual WMCKA Symposium Montague, MI 22nd TO 25th, 2020 Port Austin Kayak Symposium Port Austin, MI Friday, June 19 – … Read more

Northern Lights at the Sleeping Bear Dunes

This past weekend, the Northern Lights or properly, the Aurora Borealis, were predicted to be visible in much of Northern Michigan. Having been fortunate to have seen the Northern Lights on a few occasions and having been lucky to photograph them last year, I gathered my camera gear and headed out to the Sleeping Bear … Read more

Ticks Seem Unfazed by the Endless Winter of 2017-18

It’s April 14 and we’re getting another foot of snow here in Traverse City. I’m thinking that there has to be some redeeming quality to this. Maybe not. Seems that at least in the Northeast, this winter hasn’t had an impact on ticks. Ugh. A nice thick blanket of snow seems to insulate the bastards. … Read more

The Grand Traverse Commons Set to Expand by 40 Acres

The Michigan DNR has agreed to convey 40 acres to Garfield Township. This lands adjoins the Grand Traverse Commons and will allow for official expansion of the trail system as the trails on the DNR land are already in use but are not sanctioned by the DNR. Garfield Township plans to integrate the land into … Read more

Spending Time Outdoors With Friends Makes You Happier

It probably comes as no surprise that a recent study has found that spending time outdoors, away from crowds, and with friend makes you happier. Li, N. P. and Kanazawa, S. (2016), Country roads, take me home… to my friends: How intelligence, population density, and friendship affect modern happiness. Br J Psychol, 107: 675–697. doi:10.1111/bjop.12181

Dubside Coming to Qajaq TC!

World renowned Greenland paddler Dubside is coming to Qajaq TC in 2017. Also known as the Michigan Training Camp, Qajaq TC is a small traditional or Greenland kayaking symposioum. Dubside is well known for his rolling abilities as well his Greenland ropes skills. Dubside is flat out amazing and anything I write will pale in … Read more