Why Do I Need Hiking Crampons?

Icy Trail

What are Hiking Crampons? Hiking crampons are designed to add traction to hiking boots. Unlike mountaineering crampons, they are flexible to permit long distance walking. Strictly speaking, in the mountaineering world, hiking crampons don’t exist but rather they are called “traction devices”. But for the rest of us we call them crampons, trails spikes...

Why Do I Need Trekking Poles?

hiker with trekking poles

In some circles, trekking poles are considered “Nerdy”. The fact is that they can help make your hiking or backpacking safer and easier on your body. Why You Need Trekking Poles More stability on ice, snow, mud, wet leaves, loose sand gravel, scree. Added power going uphill. Safer when descending hills, steps, and drop-offs....

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