Otso Waheela C – The Best All Around Gravel Bike?

Introducing the Otso Waheela C The Otso Waheela C is extremely versatile. It’s a bike that can easily handle gravel rides as well as single track and is equally adept as a road bike. While it is a billed as a gravel bike, I prefer to consider it an all-road bike as it has proven … Read more

Castelli Lightness 2 Glove Review

The Castelli Lightness 2 glove is a lightweight glove intended for those days when winter gloves are too warm and half-finger gloves are too cold. I live and ride in Northern Michigan, so this glove is indispensable as our weather is quick to change. Even in June, we may occasionally see daytime highs only in … Read more

Stages Dash L50 Long Term Review

The Stages Dash L50 is a Feature Rich Cycling Computer The Stages Dash L50 offers GPS mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, heart rate, power, and of course all of the expected speed, distance, and cadence functions. It also features a bright and vivid display that can be customized to your own preferences. It is compatible with the … Read more

Klean Kanteen Review

I’ve had my Klean Kanteen Wide 40 oz. single wall water bottle since 2008. It’s not sexy, it’s not expensive, and it’s not the item that most gear heads would ever brag about. But it is reliable, durable, and trustworthy. Exactly what you want in a backpacking partner. Of all of the backpacking and camping … Read more

Searching For the Perfect Mountain Bike Grip

  Handlebar grips serve two main functions: comfort and control. Both functions are closely related to each other. A well-designed handlebar grip provides sufficient friction to prevent your hand from slipping.  The surface should also allow for easy changes in position. This also allows your forearm and finger muscles to be in a more relaxed … Read more

Tom Ritchey Road Logic Review

  Tom Ritchey is best known for building mountain bikes and mountain bike components. He was at the birth of mountain biking way back in the 70’s. Tom however also has a lengthy history in road bikes. After all, Tom was a Cat 1 bike racer and USA National Team member. I decided to take … Read more

Ritchey Ultra Mountain Bike Review

Tom Ritchey builds good bikes. Seriously. The Ritchey Ultra is however beyond good. It should be, as Tom has building mountain bikes since the dawn of mountain biking. The Ultra is the newest distillation of Ritchey’s more than 40 years of experience. Between geometry and tubing selection, the Ultra serves up a bike that handles … Read more

Altra Lone Peak NeoShell Shoe Review

The Altra Lone Peak NeoShell is the water resistant, insulated version of the Lone Peak. While billed as a trail running shoe, the Altra Lone Peak has become a popular favorite in the ultralight backpacking community. Speaking of favorites, see how and why Altra became my favorite shoe. Using a waterproof yet breathable membrane fabric … Read more

Why I Wear Altra Shoes

One evening after an easy three-mile walk, I began to limp. My left foot had developed a pain on the outside edge near the base of the little toe. This pain came out of nowhere. I was perplexed as I hadn’t done anything noticeable. I typically went for a three mile walk each evening after … Read more

Hey, I DO Eat This At Home!

When it comes to backcountry cooking and eating well, Michael Gray is the acknowledged expert chef. Dubbed the Eric Clapton of backcountry cooking, Michael is the owner and chief guide at Uncommon Adventures and author of Hey, I’d Eat This At Home!  While most people who venture into the backcountry for a camping trip often struggle with having … Read more

NRS Freestyle Wetshoe Review

My Valley Nordkapp RM has little spare room for big feet. In the summer, this hasn’t been too much of a problem but during dry suit season, finding footwear that can accommodate the extra bulk of socks and the dry suit is a challenge. My solution is the NRS Freestyle wetshoe. Its not just a … Read more

The Famous Blue IKEA Bag

Stuff. Lots of stuff. Kayaking involves plenty of stuff. Carrying all this stuff from your car to your kayak and vice versa can be a logistical juggling act that even Tenzing Norgay would subcontract out. Since Sherpas and kayaking don’t really go together let us consider something a bit more practical, the IKEA Frakta shopping … Read more

Valley Nordkapp RM Sea Kayak Review

After having taken sea kayak classes and rented kayaks for a few summers, I decided it was time to buy a kayak for my very own. What I was looking for was a British design touring kayak. I also had a budget in mind so roto-molded boats were in, fiberglass versions were out. I settled … Read more