The Famous Blue IKEA Bag

Stuff. Lots of stuff. Kayaking involves plenty of stuff. Carrying all this stuff from your car to your kayak and vice versa can be a logistical juggling act that even Tenzing Norgay would subcontract out.

Since Sherpas and kayaking don't really go together let us consider something a bit more practical, the IKEA Frakta shopping bag.

It is only .59 cents for a durable, lightweight, compact, nearly indestructible polypropylene bag that leaves you with plenty of money left over for your Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns bingeing. They even come with two sets of handles: one long for over the shoulder, the short ones for gripping with or without opposable thumbs.

When we kayak camp, we take three per boat or one per hatch so we have no shortage of bright blue Swedish storage bags. They are just too convenient not take along.

Just a few uses we have found:

    • They also work great for keeping things organized at camp.
    • Use them to gather kindling and firewood while keeping everything dry.
    • Fill them with rocks or sand and use as tent anchors where tent pegs will not work.
    • Need a place to sit? They are reasonably water and sand proof.
    • Tent doormat.
    • I use one for storing my hiking boots inside my tent. I'm not a fan of storing boots inside the vestibule.

What other uses have you found?

Get your bags at your nearest IKEA or online.


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