The Huron Sunrise Trail: A Guide for Exploring the Best of Michigan

About the Huron Sunrise Trail

The Huron Sunrise Trail is a bicycling and multi-use trail that runs from Rogers City to the 40 Mile Point Light in Presque Isle County. It's about 11 miles long and it follows an old railway line for most of its route, which makes it great for bicycling as well as walking or running.

In addition to bicycling, this track also offers opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting. There are many varieties of birds found here including rare ones such as ospreys and eagles so if you're looking to see some interesting creatures out on Lake Huron then check this one out! The water along the trail is very inviting so during warmer months people like to swim too - even though Lake Huron can be on the brisk side even during the summer.

The Huron Sunrise Trail is truly one of best bicycling trails for outdoor adventure seekers looking to explore all Northern Michigan has to offer! Whether bicycling or walking, it's great way to spend time outdoors while connecting with nature along Lake Huron shores!

Lake Huron
Lake Huron

There are many sites along the way to stop at including multiple beaches, picnic areas, campgrounds, trails for hiking or bicycling. These include Seagull Point Park, Lakeside Park (picnic area with covered pavilion) and Hoeft State Park Trailhead (pit toilet). There are also several pull-offs  along US-23 where you can park your car by the side of the road while biking this trail.

trail marker signThe trail is marked with sign posts as well as painted street markings in Rogers City. Some of these can be easily missed so keep a sharp eye when riding through town.

Things to see while bicycling the Huron Sunrise Trail include:

  • Presque Isle Historical Society Museum
  • Lakeside Park (ice cream and food at the pavilion!)
  • Rogers City Marina
  • Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum
  • North Shore Park
  • Seagull Point Park
  • Trout River Park
  • Herman Vogler Conservation Area
  • P.H. Hoeft State Park
  • 40 Mile Point Lighthouse


  • Length: 11 miles (one way)
  • Surface: paved
  • Terrain: flat
  • Parking: There is ample parking in Rogers City at South Shore Park. There is also a few parking areas along US 23 as you head west. P.H. Hoeft State park and also at 40 Mile Point Lighthouse.
  • Local Information: Rogers City Chamber of Commerce website
  • Bike shop: Tour America Bike Shop, 268 N. Second Ave. Rogers City, MI 49779. Telephone - (989) 734-3946

As always when bicycling on any public road, please observe all traffic laws including maintaining speeds appropriate for conditions and yield to pedestrians.

Be sure to bring water along. Even though you are bicycling near Lake Huron there isn't always guaranteed to be water available. Lakeside Park in Rogers City has water and Hoeft State Park also has drinking fountain located in the campground area if needed too.


The Huron Sunrise Trail is a great bicycling trail that runs right along Lake Huron offering spectacular views of this beautiful waterscape as well as many sights, sounds and smells from nature! Whether bicycling or walking it can be enjoyed by all ages making it one of the most family friendly bicycling trails around with so much to see and do along its path!

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